Southern Colorado Patriots Club to carry unloaded guns in Westcliffe's 4th of July parade

WESTCLIFFE, Colo. - Residents of the small town of Westcliffe are divided over whether a political group should be allowed to carry unloaded weapons in the town's Independence Day parade.

The Custer County Chamber of Commerce canceled this year's mile-long march through Westcliffe after the Southern Colorado Patriots Club announced it would be carrying guns.

The town of Westcliffe picked up sponsorship of the parade.

The club says no civil disobedience or civil insurrection is planned.

"We are law-abiding citizens and patriots that love our constitution and our country and are marching, not to intimidate our fellow citizens, but rather as a lawful, peaceful and non-intimidating exercise of our rights to assemble, speak and do so with UNLOADED Open Carry firearms," Mike Hess wrote on the group's blog. "Let’s march TALL, PROUD and SMART!!"

The group says the march is being held to show their support for the Colorado Sheriffs that are suing the state over new gun control measures.

According to the Denver Post, the group says it wants to make a statement about constitutional rights to carry firearms.

Read the group's blog:

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