Marijuana rules for Colorado: Task force begins work on regulating pot sales

Will decide whether to allow marijuana clubs

GOLDEN, Colo. - Marijuana may be legal in Colorado, but the drug's regulation is just beginning.

A 24-member task force appointed to set up pot rules meets Monday for the first time.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed folks from law enforcement, marijuana advocacy and even agriculture to start work writing a regulatory scheme for marijuana. They'll be coming up with rules for how to keep marijuana from children and how to make sure the drug is produced safely and doesn't end up in neighboring states that don't allow the drug.

Another topic for the task force will be deciding whether to allow Amsterdam-style marijuana clubs.

The task force has until February to send suggestions to the governor. The Department of Revenue must adopt the regulations by July, with sales possible by year's end.

Friday, President Obama told Barbara Walters that he wouldn't go after marijuana users in Colorado or Washington, states that have made the drug legal.

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