Injured moose calf improving in Silverthorne

SILVERTHORNE, Colo. - A moose calf with an injured leg is continuing to improve after Colorado wildlife officials asked people in Silverthorne to leave the animal alone.

According to the Summit Daily, the calf and cow moose have been seen venturing at increasingly greater distances to the north through Silverthorne, but continue to return to a protective sanctuary along the banks of the Blue River.

"Wild animals, especially moose, are pretty tough and they can recover from some pretty intense injuries," CPW district wildlife manager Elissa Knox told the newspaper. "However, if it gets stressed or pushed out of the area by people and dogs getting too close, that’s only going to aggravate the injury."

Officials say the animal is eating, drinking and there does not seem to be any internal injuries or external trauma.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said the young calf's best chance for survival depends on residents keeping their distance.

The Silverthorne Police Department has been assisting wildlife officials by closing sections of the Blue River Trail to minimize human interaction. Some people have complained about the decision not to medically assist the animal.

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