At least 53 currently missing parolees were wearing electronic monitoring

DENVER - Nearly 800 parolees are on the run right now and records indicate at least 53 absconded while wearing electronic monitoring.

7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger obtained the list of missing parolees from the Colorado Department of Corrections Friday. He compared it to the database of parolees with electronic monitoring anklets that set off alerts during the past six months.

The alerts in the database included "strap tampers," "unauthorized leave" and "did not enter," which means they weren't home on time or never came home.

53 parolees from the electronic monitoring alerts database appeared on the list of current absconders, meaning they're free and unaccounted for right now.

One of those absconders is Aaron Lopez, who was arrested for murder but pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Based on the data, Lopez' ankle monitor generated a "did not enter" alert on February 28. That was the last notification his monitor provided.

Another absconder is Joe Garcia, who was arrested in Denver and sentenced to 10 years for robbery.

Since he's been out on parole, his ankle monitor has shown several "did not enters," with the last notification coming on December 4. He also had a "strap tamper" alarm in October.

See the list of all the current absconders, as of April 26:

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