Springs Woman Says TSA Agent Groped Her Vagina

Janis Heuberger Was Flying From Colorado Springs To Las Vegas

A woman from Colorado Springs has filed a complaint with the Transportation and Security Administration, saying she felt sexually harassed by the female agent, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Janis Heuberger told the newspaper that an airport security agent in training groped her vagina last week.

Heuberger was in a wheelchair because she recently broke her foot. She told the newspaper that the pat down became so invasive, she asked to go through the screening machine inside and was told that wasn't an option because her crutches would set off an alarm.

Heuberger said when the agent touched her inappropriately, she asked for a supervisor and a copy of pat down procedures for people in wheelchairs. The supervisor told Heuberger he couldnÂ’t give her a copy of those procedures. Instead, he gave her a complaint/compliment form, she said.

Earlier this month, a pregnant woman filed a complaint against TSA after agents at Denver International Airport confiscated her insulin and ice packs.

"I got a bottle of nail polish. I got hair spray bottles. I got needles that are syringes. But yet I can't take through my actual insulin?" the woman said.

The mother-to-be said she brought the appropriate doctor's note and the medication was labeled correctly, so she was perplexed as to why her insulin would be confiscated.

TSA agents later apologized.

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