Smart Phone App Keeps Doctors Beside Bed During Labor

Doctors Monitor Patient's Vital Signs On Phones

Pregnant women at Rose Medical Center can have their doctor at their bedside 24 hours a day. It's all thanks to new technology in the palm of their doctor's hand.

"It's pretty exciting," said Kate Peters, as she labored at the hospital.

Having a baby is a life-changing moment.

"And pretty scary," said Peters.

Especially if it's the first, like it is for Peters and her husband, Jeremy. So even though Peter's blood pressure may be rising, her doctor's new medical application has her somewhat calm.

"I think it is really cool," said Peters. "I find it very comforting."

Her doctor, Reid Goodman, of Mile High Ob-gyn is using technology called "Airstrip OB." It's an application on his Blackberry that can also be used on iPhones that allows him to have everything he needs in the palm of his hand.

"It provides me with reassurance," said Goodman.

Peters' heart rate, fetal heart rate, contractions, even dilation amount comes up on the application and in real time.

"In addition, I can go back up to four hours and see what it is showing at that time," said Goodman.

Goodman can call up a patient's vital signs anytime and anywhere.

"One time I was at lunch, and and I just happened to decide to see what was going on with my patient and I looked and I didn't see something I liked," said Goodman. "So I got in my car and started heading toward the hospital. And while I was halfway there I was getting a phone call saying 'I think you should be coming.'"

Peters said it lets her rest as easy as she can while she is having contractions.

"That's how you know everything is going to be OK," said Peters. "He can come at the drop of a hat."

Unfortunately babies are not that reliable and don't always come right when we want them.