Skydiver dies in Arizona after parachute malfunction during world-record attempt

ELOY, Ariz. - A skydiver in Eloy, Ariz., was declared dead Thursday morning after an apparent parachute malfunction.

According to the Associated Press, Eloy Police identified the skydiver as Diana Paris, a 46-year-old woman from Germany.

The woman's reserve parachute was reportedly unable to open fully after the malfunctioning parachute failed to open at too low of an altitude.

According to Skydive Arizona, Paris was participating in an invitational 222-Way world-record attempt around 7:30 a.m.

Though other skydivers were part of the event, no others were involved.

Other skydivers are not believed to be the cause of the accident, nor were weather or aircraft conditions. The accident is being treated as a parachute malfunction at this time.

The Associated Press said Paris had completed 1,500 skydiving jumps in her lifetime.

Because of the accident, the world record was not set, but instead the group of skydivers completed another jump to honor the late skydiver.

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