Sheriff: Stunning 10-Year-Old With Taser Justified

'Out Of Control' Boy Confronted By Deputies After Outburst

Sheriff's deputies who stunned with a Taser a 10-year-old child they said was "out of control" were justified in their use of force, the sheriff said Thursday.

The boy was Tasered by sheriff's deputies in Pueblo West on Monday, after officers were called to the boy's foster home on a report that he was destroying property and threatening a foster parent with a pipe and a stick. He had already thrown a landscaping timber at the foster father, the sheriff's office said.

The sheriff said Thursday that the deputies involved in the arrest did what they had to do.

"I don't expect my officers to get stabbed before they use lethal force or non-lethal force," said Sheriff Kirk Taylor, of the Pueblo Sheriff's Department. "I don't expect our officers to get hit over the head with a pipe before they react, and I don't believe the community should expect that either."

"They followed all policies and procedures. This was appropriate use of the Taser device," said Capt. Jeff Teschner.

He said that the juvenile was not hurt when deputies took action.

The boy refused to throw down a 2-foot pipe he was holding when deputies cornered him outside, Teschner said.

The boy was booked into Pueblo Youth Center on suspicion of menacing with a deadly weapon. The foster parent said he intends to press charges against the boy.

The boy has a history of violence.

Teschner said his department's policy on the use of Tasers is not age specific.

"It's important to use best judgment and consideration anytime you deploy these devices, whether it's an old person or a young person. We followed all our policies and procedures, and I think in this particular instance, (the Taser) was used in an appropriate effect," said Teschner.