Sequestration will have huge impact on air travel

DENVER - Flight delays, cancellations and long security lines -- just a taste of what could happen if federal spending cuts go into effect on March 1.  Aviation could be hard hit, including the men and women who work in the control tower.

"The air traffic control system is going to slow down," said Jeff Price, a professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver.   "They're not going to put more planes in the sky than they can reasonably handle," said Price.

7NEWS has discovered smaller airports could also feel the impact.  Centennial Airport in suburban Denver is one of the busiest general aviation facilities in the nation.   Airport officials say the Federal Aviation Administration may be forced to shut down the control tower at night.

"We have night time operations.  We conduct obviously medi-vac flights, air ambulance.  They would be impacted.  We have cargo flights out of here.  We obviously have corporate aircraft fly out of here," said airport director Robert Olislagers.

What happens in the sky, determines what happens on the ground and everyday life.

"So much today relies on just in time delivery.  Everything from fresh flowers to fresh fish.  I mean the entire supply chain for most of the retail is based on aviation being able to get goods to people," said Price.

Regardless if these cuts occur, officials at airports across the country are trying to plan ahead.

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