Search continues for New Mexico fire captain missing since Friday

Captain Token Adams vanished on routine call

More than 250 people are searching for a New Mexico fire captain who's been missing since Friday after he and two firefighters split up while scouting a fire in the Santa Fe National Forest.

Authorities say Captain Token Adams, 41, of the Jemez Ranger District has not been seen since.

Adams was dispatched along with two other firefighters to assess a 30-acre fire triggered by lightning, Officer Karen Taiki of Santa Fe National Forest search and rescue told ABC News.

"They were triaging. It's the initial attack," Taiki said. "They split up on ATVs and were looking at the fire from all angles and trying to figure out the best vantage point. Two of them came back to their meeting place."

When Adams didn't return, the other firefighters tried to reach him on by radio. But Adams never replied, according to

This was unusual for an experienced firefighter and former hot-shot, Taiki said. After firefighters searched for him without success, the New Mexico Search and Rescue team was called in.

Along with a New Mexico State Police helicopter, rescue teams are searching for Adams on foot, on horse and with dogs. The terrain is rugged and steep.

"The roads out here are like spaghetti -- it winds together and it's extremely confusing and dangerous," Taiki told ABC News. "There are two- to three-hundred-foot drops. You have cliffs on the side. That's the kind of terrain we’re dealing with."

"The brush is even so thick they have used a heat-sensing airplane, but there was nothing found," she added.

While there are no leads in the search, officials are hopeful.

"He has extensive training and so we know he has really good survival skills," Taiki said. "We’re just going to keep optimistic and see what happens."

Adams is married with one son, and is expecting another child in less than a month, officials said.

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