Recruiting Office Shot Up After TV Report

Army Suspends Recruiter, Calls Another Back For Investigation

A U.S. Army and Marine Recruiting office was shot up after a television report alleged that recruiters coaxed a would-be recruit to lie.

Police were called to the store front office at 7355 W. 88th Ave. Friday morning on a criminal mischief complaint.

Officers found shattered glass at the front of the office and said that it was the result of eight gunshots fired into the building in the early-morning hours Friday.

Four large windows and two doors will have to be replaced as a result of the damage.

Police said they believe the incident is related to an investigative report broadcast Thursday night that said two Army recruiters who work at the office are under investigation for allegedly telling a teenager he could enlist by making a fake diploma and using detox pills to pass a drug test.

According to the report, 17-year-old David McSwane made up a story about being a high school dropout and drug user to see how far recruiters would go.

McSwane is actually an honor student and works for his high school's newspaper in Arvada.

But when he called a local Army recruiter, he said he was a high school drop out. McSwane recorded the recruiter telling him he could make a fake diploma from a nonexistent high school.

McSwane also said he had a marijuana problem -- and the recruiter suggested detoxification capsules, according to the recording. Another recruiter drove McSwane to a store to purchase the detox kit.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Brodeur, who oversees Army recruiting for the region, was shocked and angered after hearing his recruiters on tape. He said they violated trust, integrity, honor and duty.

One recruiter was suspended from recruiting Friday until completion of the Army investigation. The other recruiter, who was in transition to a new duty location, was called back to the area for the investigation

Brodeur said he neither pressures nor punishes recruiters if quotas aren't met, though there are rewards when goals are surpassed. He promised a full investigation into the matter.

"We began conducting an investigation immediately upon finding out about the allegations made toward these recruiters and are required to complete the investigation within 30 days," said Brodeur.

Any person with information regarding on the shooting at the recruiting office is asked to call the Westminster Police at (303) 430-2400 or Crime Stoppers at (720) 913-7867 (STOP). Crime Stoppers callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

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