Real Buried Treasure: $20,000 In Stolen Goods Found Under Dirt

Items Were Apparently Stolen From Denver

There's buried treasure of a different sort in Weld County.

Sheriff's deputies digging in the southeast corner of the county Tuesday found a Chevrolet Corvette, a Mercury Mountaineer and a power generator buried in the dirt. The items worth up to $20,000 were apparently stolen from the Denver area.

Deputies received an anonymous tip late last week leading to the goods. After the tip, a deputy went to the area where items were supposed to be buried -- near Weld County roads 14 and 85, south of Roggen and about five miles north of the Adams County line.

When the deputy partially uncovered a car, power equipment was borrowed from a farmer in the area, and the deep digging began.

The cars were uncovered first, and deputies said they had been stripped, then the frames were buried. The generator, which was in a box about the size of a refrigerator, was wrapped in the tarp and attached to a small trailer, which was also buried.

Deputy Josh Noonan said the cars were apparently stolen, then buried to hide the evidence. The generator was probably buried so it would be hidden for a couple of years, Noonan said, then they could sell it with a reduced chance of being caught.

The deputies aren't sure if other items are buried in the area, but an auto theft investigator will be in the area Wednesday, using a metal detector to determine if more cars or other stolen items are buried.

Because of the remoteness of the area, someone could have buried the items without being seen, even by the owner of the land, who lives more than a mile away.

Deputies were also contacting Denver area agencies to determine where the stolen cars came from. Supervisor Bill Spalding said if there are more Denver-area stolen cars at the site, deputies will probably turn it over to the investigating agencies to recover the vehicles. In some cases, insurance investigators may try to recover the items, because the companies already paid the insurance claims.

The owner of the property was cooperating with the deputies and is not considered a suspect in the thefts.

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