With election approaching, Vice President Joe Biden campaigns in Colorado

ARVADA, Colo. - Vice President Joe Biden visited Colorado Saturday, in advance of Tuesday's general election.

Biden spoke to the crowd in Arvada about the Obama administration's commitment to veterans and to getting American troops out of Afghanistan.

The Vice President also reminded crucial Colorado voters that it is too late to mail in their ballots.

"If you have an absentee ballot and you haven't mailed it in yet, it's too late to mail it," he said. "You need to carry it in."

He also took a few jabs at his Republican competitors.

"If you've heard we've had four debates. The president had three and I had one with Ryan. But, you know, if you saw those debates, you began to wonder. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan seem to be running as fast away from their positions as they can. It's like watching a kid try to outrun his shadow."

Biden also took a few moments to praise bipartisan efforts in response to Hurricane Sandy.

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