Tina Brown: John Hickenlooper would be a smart, centrist running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2016

DENVER - Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast and Newsweek, is pitching Gov. John Hickenlooper as a possible running mate for a Hillary Clinton presidential bid.

In a Daily Beast article titled, "Tina Brown: I Know Who Hillary’s Running Mate Should Be," Brown writes: "If Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, I vote for Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado as her running mate."

Brown called Hickenlooper a smart, sensible governor with a centrist, pro-business philosophy who is "the antithesis of all the halitotic miseries that define the choked-up discord of politics" in Washington. (To save you a trip to the dictionary, "halitotic" means having "offensive-smelling breath.")  

Brown said she has been impressed while "watching Governor Hickenlooper at close range" when she attended the Biennial of the Americas summit Hickenlooper co-hosted in Denver this week.

"A breezy, sensible governor with a prophetic eye on Latin America and the ability to actually get things done? Let’s put this guy in the White House," Brown writes.

"The idea for an Americas conference epitomizes what a smart governor the rangy Hickenlooper is and how exuberantly he’s driving his state into the future. He regards the last 12 years of our country’s preoccupation with the Middle East -- and now our obsession with China and pivot to Asia -- as a massive distraction from engaging with our sexy, surging neighbors," Brown wrote, referring to Mexico.

Hickenlooper, she says, wants to "galvanize the economic opportunities in Latin America we're still strangely blind to."

Brown recaps Hickenlooper's brewery founder-turned-political-everyman biography that Colorado's know well.

"Hickenlooper built his success in the brewery business, and he’s as welcoming as your local neighborhood tavern," the editor writes. "In his previous job as mayor of Denver, Hickenlooper brought together the civic community -- the nonprofit, public, and private sectors -- to lower the homeless rate in the city. When radio listeners called in to trash his Denver’s Road Home initiative, his staff was assigned to call those unenlightened people and invite them to be part of the conversation."

But Brown also notes that, after the horrific Aurora theater shooting rampage, Hickenlooper is taking fire from NRA and Colorado gun rights advocates after he helped pass a raft of new gun-control laws "that are among the toughest in the nation."

While some are labeling Hickenlooper "a liberal hero,"  Brown writes "Being the liberals' darling is not really that good for the Hickenlooper brand. He's always been a centrist beloved by the Denver CEOs he regularly invites to join him for lunch. But he’s been pushed leftward by the fast-paced demographic and cultural shifts driving the reinvention of Colorado, where the growing Latino population has made the state increasingly Democratic."

However, Brown says Hickenlooper still could "become a hipper Joe Biden for Hillary, bringing western executive perspective and swing-state sensibilities to a candidate inevitably tarred as an Eastern liberal elite."

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