Ten people with criminal records denied guns during first month of new universal background checks

DENVER - The first month of background checks on private firearm sales in Colorado resulted in 10 denials for people with criminal records.

Statistics posted online by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation show the denials were in July -- the first month universal background checks took effect. A total of 561 people requested criminal background checks on private sales that month. The CBI data did not specify the reason for the denials.

Half of the denials involved attempts to purchase handguns. The rest are listed as attempts to buy long guns.

The data is the most recent available.

Private sales are a small fraction of the total number of background checks for gun purchases. CBI processed a total of 19,596 background checks in July. The denial rate of just under 2 percent is similar to the denial rate for private sales.

Overall, background checks halted the sale of 390 weapons during July..

State Democratic lawmakers passed universal background checks in response to mass shootings last year.

-- July 2013 statistics: http://ch7ne.ws/1ao3vIq

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