Senator Michael Bennet will cosponsor a federal reporter shield law

Colorado's junior Senator will cosponsor a bill to protect reporters from having to reveal their sources.

Senator Michael Bennet announced Thursday that he'd sign onto a proposed shield law for journalists. The bill is being revived after the Department of Justice secretly obtained two months of phone records from the Associated Press. Federal investigators in that case are trying to determine who leaked information about a foiled terrorist bomb plot.

Senator Bennet's office said the bill will be introduced in the U.S. Senate by New York State Senator Chuck Schumer. It was requested by President Barack Obama's Administration on Wednesday.

"In light of the news that the Department of Justice subpoenaed telephone records of Associated Press reporters as part of a federal investigation, it is clear we need a reporter shield law that would establish the proper protocol for handling these types of investigations," Bennet said in a written statement.

The bill protects reporters from being forced to disclose sources in court. In some cases it would require prosecutors get a judge's approval to obtain reporters' phone records.

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