Republicans voting at higher rate in Colorado

DENVER - Republicans are voting at a higher rate throughout most of Colorado's counties, even in Democratic strongholds like Denver and Boulder counties.

Based on data provided Tuesday morning by the Secretary of State, 83,662 more Republicans than Democrats had submitted their ballots early. That data doesn't account for any ballots dropped off Tuesday or those completed and submitted at a polling place.

Denver and Bounder counties are two of the 13 where more Democrats have voted, but a higher percentage of Republicans are voting in those two blue counties. In both, the GOP has a turnout rate that is nearly 3 percent better.

It remains to be seen how the two statewide tax issues on the ballot -- marijuana taxes and a new tax to fund education -- will be affected by this turnout. The approval or disapproval of those issues is based on the statewide totals and not a plurality of the counties' results.

Ballots will begin to be tabulated starting at 7 p.m. and results data should be available shortly thereafter.

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