Republican National Committee reviewing Denver venues and security in 2016 site selection process

DENVER - Two Republican leaders praised Denver for its effort and commitment to bring the 2016 Republican National Convention.

"It's been exciting to see that Denver really does want to host another convention," said RNC site selection committee chairwoman Enid Mickelson. "Not every city that has hosted is a national convention is excited about hosting it again. It’s a credit to your community that you had such a positive experience in 2008 that so many of your community leaders are willing to do it again."

Members of the RNC 2016 site selection committee arrived in Denver on Monday.

Denver has three days to persuade the GOP brass to choose Denver over Dallas, Cleveland and Kansas City, Missouri.

The site selection committee will review venues, hospitality, security and transportation options while in Denver.

"As we talked to chief of police, people here at the Pepsi Center, a number of other places, the experience that Denver brings to the table is very impressive," said Mickelson. "The resources that have to be brought to bear, all of the logistics, whether it’s the transportation, security, all of those things, you’ve been through this once."

Mickelson bragged that the members of the committee have been impressed with the scenery in Denver, looking at the mountains.

"They just can't stop looking at the mountains. They keep saying 'Look at that, that's so beautiful,'" Mickelson said. "I say, 'Yah, that's what we wake up to every day in the West.'"

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said even his wife is pushing for the RNC to choose Denver.

"I've been getting positive, pro-Denver texts from my wife this morning," Priebus said.

Priebus was impressed that a Democratic mayor [Michael Hancock] was willing to make calls and raise money for a Republican convention.

"The fact that you've done it, and you've seen some things that you'd do differently is a big deal," Priebus said. "It's a very involved group. I don't think there's any question here about facilities and capabilities, we're getting a feel for the people and the committee."

Priebus said the RNC doesn't plan to pick based on red state, blue state, swing state, etc...

"This is a business decision based on facilities, hotels, transportation and money," Priebus said.

A final decision is expected in August.

'Vote' for Denver on the GOP website:

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