Recent history suggests Colorado and Ohio are most likely picks of the four RNC host finalists

Based on campaigns of last 4 presidents

DENVER - If the patterns hold true, recent history suggests that Colorado and Ohio are the two most likely candidates to host the Republican National Convention; but recent history also indicates the convention would be unlikely to sway the result in either state.

During the seven campaigns of the last four presidents -- two Republicans and two Democrats -- the parties' 14 conventions have been held in 12 different states (New York and California have both hosted twice).

Both Republicans and Democrats have picked states that voted Democratic in the previous election for five of their respective conventions.

For the Democrats, the strategy of picking Democratic states seems very successful. They've won the state where the held their convention 85 percent of the time.

Republicans, meanwhile, have been far less successful. Although they've held five conventions in states that previously voted Democratic, the GOP candidates were not successful in those states during those years.

The Republicans are considering Colorado, Ohio, Texas and Kansas cities as possible hosts for their convention during the 2016 presidential campaign. Of those, only Colorado and Ohio voted Democratic in the last election.

Therefore, if the GOP follows their recent pattern, Colorado and Ohio emerge as more likely hosts than Kansas or Texas.

But the Republicans could also decide to buck a losing trend or battle to hold a Republican stronghold.

The Republican National Committee's Site Selection Delegation will be in Denver this week as it considers where to hold the Republican National Convention in 2016. The committee is expected to review venues, hospitality, security and transportation options in Denver.

A final decision is expected in August.

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