Protesters Head To Classroom

DU Class Teaches Students About Free Speech Rights

The Democratic National Convention is four months away, but some of the likely protesters found themselves in the classroom Monday.

Law students and Denver University's People's Law Project brought in guest lecturers Monday to talk about free speech rights and the public's rights when confronted by police.

The lecture included role playing, where students enacted different scenarios that might happen during the DNC. Thousands of protesters are expected to come to Denver during the convention and some worry about a repeat of the 1968 riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago.

Organizers said that civil disobedience is different from violent confrontations.

"People want to have their voices heard and we are here to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible and to let people know what their rights are if they choose to demonstrate and protest," said Brian Vicente, executive director of the People's Law Project.

Later this week a panel discussion will be held with a member of the Denver city council and the protest group Recreate 68.

The group said it doesn't want to revisit the violence of the 1968 Democratic convention, but to capture the spirit of the time.

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