Governor John Hickenlooper signs 52 bills into law

No bills from this session were vetoed

DENVER - Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on Wednesday signed 52 bills into law.

The deadline for signing the bills is Friday, but Hickenlooper decided to put his pen to these bills in a final marathon signing. The signatures mean the governor has now signed into law every measure sent to him by the Democratic Legislature.

None of the bills from this session were vetoed, which the governor said was a sign of good work but not necessarily good politics.

"My interpretation of how the General Assembly should work with the Governor's Office is they should be communicating as much as possible. To make sure in those places, wherever possible, we can get a bill that has the maximum impact and the least unintended consequences," Hickenlooper said, but acknowledged, "Certainly politically, it is better to have a few vetoes."

The batch of bills signed Wednesday cover an eclectic range of topics, from business regulations to compensation for individuals who were wrongly incarcerated.

Perhaps the most controversial bill signed Wednesday was Senate Bill 13-251, which will allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license, register their car and purchase automobile insurance. In the General Assembly, proponents argued it was about roadway safety but opponents said it would draw more immigrant to Colorado illegally.

Signing the bills, instead of just allowing them to become law with the passing of a deadline, gave Hickenlooper an opportunity to comment on the legislation. He said he struggled with Senate Bill 13-252, which raises the renewable energy requirement for rural electricity providers. He also added an executive order allowing them to weigh in on that law's feasibility so that compromise can be found "in the next legislative session."

The governor said he signed the firefighter collective bargaining bill, Senate Bill 13-025, because it avoids a mandate on collective bargaining but still enhances firefighters' labor rights.

House Bill 13-1020, which was inspired by the CALL7 Investigators' reporting on untested rape kits, was also among the measures signed into law. It requires forensic evidence be collected if an alleged victim asks and creates a framework for rules requiring the evidence to be tested within certain timeframes.

A full list of the bills signed Wednesday:

SB13-001 - Colorado Working Families Economic Opportunity Act

SB13-025 - Collective Bargaining Firefighters

SB13-050 - Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund

SB13-073 - General Permits Stormwater Rule-making

SB13-082 - Wildfire Matters Review Committee

SB13-120 - Navy SEAL Motor Vehicle License Plate

SB13-146 - Board Of Assessment Appeals

SB13-147 - Workers' Compensation Liability Statutory Employer

SB13-148 - Sunset Colorado Youth Advisory Council

SB13-150 - Sunset Water & Wastewater Operations Board

SB13-155 - Sunset Board Of Real Estate Appraisers

SB13-156 - Sunset Board of Mortgage Loan Originators

SB13-167 - Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

SB13-169 - Reintroduce Black-footed Ferret Landowner Consent

SB13-171 - Sunset Continue Licensing Of Money Transmitters

SB13-172 - Sunset Continue Acupuncture Regulation

SB13-173 - Sunset Review Division Of Gaming

SB13-180 - Sunset Review Occupational Therapy Practice Act

SB13-189 - Motor Carrier Fines Suspension Outreach

SB13-197 - No Firearms For Domestic Violence Offenders

SB13-207 - Auricular Acudetox Mental Health Professionals

SB13-214 - BEST Program Oversight & Funding

SB13-215 - Alternative Health Care Consumer Protections

SB13-235 - Transfer To The Colorado State Veterans Trust Fund

SB13-238 - Regulation Hearing Aid Providers Sellers

SB13-245 - Create The Colorado Firefighting Air Corps

SB13-251 - Driver’s License & Identification Documentation

SB13-252 - Renewable Energy Standard Retail Wholesale Methane

SB13-254 - Fleet Vehicle Energy Cost-savings Contracts

SB13-261 - Oral Health Community Programs

SB13-265 - Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise Agreements

SB13-273 - Renewable Energy Forest Biomass Incentives

SB13-279 - K-12 School Energy Resource Efficiency

SB13-280 - Title Off-highway Vehicles

HB13-1007 - Early Childhood & School Readiness Leg Commission

HB13-1020 - Testing Evidence Of Sexual Assault

HB13-1031 - All-hazards Resource Mobilization & Reimbursement

HB13-1071 - Register Collector's Motor Vehicles

HB13-1111 - Regulate Naturopathic Doctors

HB13-1130 - Reapprove Interruptible Water Supply Agreements

HB13-1154 - Crimes Against Pregnant Women Act

HB13-1160 - Consolidate Theft Statutes With New Penalties

HB13-1206 - Expand Authority For Business Incentive Agreements

HB13-1230 - Compensation For Persons Wrongly Incarcerated

HB13-1235 - Valuations Of Property Prior To State Purchase

HB13-1274 - State Board Of Land Commissioners Real Property Investment

HB13-1280 - Target Reserve Require Waiver For Building Regulation Fund

HB13-1283 - Species Conservation Trust Fund

HB13-1284 - Make Article 9 UCC Security Interests Uniform

HB13-1289 - Electronic Motor Vehicle Info Transfer

HB13-1299 - Changes To The SMART Government Act Of 2010

HB13-1320 - Support For Meritorious Colorado Students

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