DNCC Planners Prepared For Florida, Michigan Delegates

Organizers Had Contigency Plans For Housing, Transportation

With less than 100 days to go, the delegate debacle finally has come to an end.

Florida and Michigan will now be allowed to send delegates to the Mile High Center for the August Convention but will only be able to cast half the votes.

DNCC planners said they are prepared for the additional 368 people who were once counted out after their states held their primaries ahead of the mandated date.

Florida will send 211 delegates who will cast 105.5 votes. Michigan will send 157 delegates who will cast 78.5 votes.

DNC officials said they had a contigency in place to provide the delegates with space on the Pepsi Center floor, transportation, as well as housing in Denver.

They said they will get moving on those plans as soon as they hear from the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaw's Committee.

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