Denver City Council reverses position on rule that would limit marijuana smoking on private property

DENVER - Denver's City Council voted Monday night to reverse a previous decision to prohibit marijuana use in a front yard or on a balcony if the user can be seen from the street or sidewalk.

Jeremy Meyer, City Hall reporter for our partners at The Denver Post, tweeted that the council voted 7-6 Monday to reverse the ban that was given initial approval just one week ago.

The newspaper reported that councilman Albus Brooks, who supported the front-yard ban last week, changed his vote on Monday.

The measure had passed the first reading with a vote on Nov. 25.

The Council was not expected to reverse their decision during Monday's second reading but Councilwoman Susan Shepherd offered the amendment Monday that removed the front yard rule.

The final vote on the amended proposal is set for next week. If passed without another unexpected change, it will allow residents to smoke marijuana on their private property or with permission of a property owner regardless of whether it is visible to passersby.

-- The Denver Post interviewed Brooks, Shepherd and others for their article about this vote:

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