Denver City Council re-elects Mary Beth Susman President and Chris Herndon President Pro-Tem

DENVER - The Denver City Council's President and President Pro-Tem will each serve in those roles for a second term. They were unanimously re-elected by the City Council Tuesday.

Mary Beth Susman became the City Council President last year. She represents District 5 and joined the council in July 2011.

"I have the honor of presiding over a council with some of the best leaders in Denver and look forward to another year of collaboration and hard work on behalf of the residents of this great city," Susman said in a statement provided by the city.

Susman will be responsible for appointing councilmembers to committees during August.

Chris Herndon also joined the City Council in July 2011.

"I'm very excited to serve as City Council President Pro-Tem for another year," the representative of District 11 said. "I look forward to working with President Susman and thank my colleagues for the vote of confidence for a second term."

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