Colorado Supreme Court refuses to hear recall election appeal

DENVER - Colorado's Supreme Court has refused to enter a dispute over ballot timing in the state's first-ever legislative recall elections, meaning that most voters must cast ballots in person, even if they have previously requested ballots by mail.

The 3-3 decision Thursday evening means that third-party candidates more time to qualify for ballots. Colorado's top elections officer proposed a new scheme Thursday for voting in the Sept. 10 recalls, a plan that won't allow voters to automatically get ballots in the mail. The decision could have important consequences for Democrats facing recalls next month.

Sens. Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs face recall votes after supporting gun-control measures that included expanded background checks and ammunition magazine limits.

An election law passed this year said recall votes would be conducted entirely by mail. Democrats hoped that all eligible voters would get ballots, boosting turnout and potentially helping incumbents.

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