Ballot Snafu: Aurora voter amends sticker to say 'I Voted ... I Think'

Voter had to use provisional ballot

AURORA, Colo. - At least a couple voters ran into trouble at the Mrachek Middle School polling place in Aurora when officials said they had to cast provisional ballots because records showed they had already received an absentee -- or mail-in -- ballot.

"They said that I had an absentee ballot and I did not have an absentee ballot," voter Kathryn Miller told 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger.

"Nothing was sent to me, anything like that. So (election officials) sent me to a different judge that did the provisional ballots," Miller said, adding that at least three other voters had the same problem casting a regular ballot.

A provisional ballot is provided to someone whose eligibility to vote is unclear on Election Day. The voter casts a provisional ballot and, if election officials can confirm they're an eligible voter, their ballot will be counted.

Zelinger helped Miller check her voter registration status at the Secretary of State's website, and it confirmed she did not receive a mail-in ballot.

"So, based on what we saw, she should have been able to vote normally," Zelinger said.

Zelinger asked Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Nancy Doty about the provisional ballot issues.

Doty said she would want to talk to the voter and election judge to learn more about the situation before commenting.

As for Miller's vote, it will still count once the Clerk and Recorder double-checks her voting status.

Just like every voter, Miller got an "I voted" sticker, but she wrote "I think" on her sticker.

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