Ballot issues in battleground states like Colorado could add Election Day drama

Colorado counties report smooth count so far

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - Ballot issues in battleground states like Colorado could add drama on Election Day.

7NEWS checked into it after a voter contacted us and complained that her ballot was rejected because her signature didn't match the signature in the voter database.

She said it was the first time it had happened to her in 30 years of voting in Douglas County.

Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Jack Arrowsmith said Monday every voter signature is examined.

"If that election judge believes that (the signature) doesn't match, they get an election judge from a second party and both election judges need to agree that the signature does not match," said Arrowsmith.

Only after a judge from each party agrees the signature doesn't match is a letter sent out requiring the voter to come in and verify his or her identity within eight days.

"No process is 100-percent perfect, but we feel very good about the process we've developed," Arrowsmith said.

7NEWS checked with all nine metro-area counties and discovered there is no standard for tracking complaints or rejected ballots from county to county. But, not one county is reporting any major issues on this election eve.

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