Ankle monitor tampering bill sent to governor

DENVER - Lawmakers have sent a bill that would require the rapid arrest of parolees who try to tamper with ankle monitors to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper's desk.

The bill, designated House Bill 14-1044, was passed without amendments on the third reading in the State Senate Wednesday morning.

If signed into law, the bill allows an immediate warrantless arrest of any parolee who tampers with an electronic monitoring device required as a condition of the parole. Alternatively, the parole officer will have up to 12 hours to notify another law enforcement agency to make the warrantless arrest.

The bill would also require the parole officer to file a complaint seeking the revocation of the parole and gives the state board of parole authority to decide on that complaint. If they find the parolee did tamper with the ankle monitor, the parolee may be sent back into the Department of Corrections.

The legislation is a response to last year's slaying of Department of Corrections Executive Director Tom Clements. The former inmate suspected of killing him was able to slip out of his electronic monitoring device, and it was days before authorities found out.

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