ABC News poll gives Obama 50-47 percent advantage over Romney

Barack Obama has inched to a slim advantage in the closing days of the 2012 presidential race, breaking out of a long-running deadlock with Mitt Romney to a 50-47 percent lead in the final-weekend tracking poll by ABC News and The Washington Post.

However, the outcome is far from assured in a race that has been the closest on record, by some standards, since the start of pre-election polling in the mid-1930s.

While still lacking a majority in vote preference, Obama has reached 51 percent job approval, matching his best this year, ABC News reported. The poll indicated that the president had extended his advantage in better understanding Americans’ economic problems and moved to within a single point of Romney in trust to handle the economy, reversing a 9-point Romney lead on the central issue of the campaign.

In another potentially important measure, regardless of their own preference, 55 percent of likely voters expect Obama to win re-election, down from its pre-debate peak in late September but a majority steadily since last March, ABC News reported. A little over a year ago, by contrast, when economic discontent was at full boil, just 37 percent expected Obama to win.


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