Police Say It With Flowers: You're Under Arrest

Northglenn Fugitives Caught Off Guard In 'Flower' Deliveries

Undercover officers bearing flowers, balloons and empty gift boxes staged a Valentine sting in Northglenn this week, rounding up at least two dozen fugitives at their homes on charges ranging from drunken driving to sex offenses.

Officers posing as delivery workers showed up at the top 100 fugitives' homes on Tuesday and Wednesday, arresting them after they came out to accept their "gifts."

Police spokesman Rick Kellogg said the ploy is safer for officers than a standard arrest because fugitives are caught off-guard.

In one incident, an officer posing as a deliveryman from "Sweetheart Flowers" cuffed a suspected drunken driver after arriving with a gift box and bouquet.

Officers made 37 arrests, including two felony arrests for impersonating a police officer and dangerous drugs, one warrant for failing to register as a sex offender and 34 various misdemeanor warrants.

"The flowers were compliments of the Northglenn Police Department," officer Steve Garber said. "The look on his face was priceless."

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