Parents talk to kids as young as 15 months old about body safety to keep child sex predators away

Carey Stiever is a mother of three who has to deal with the reality of most parents these days.

"I can't be with my kids all the time. Sometimes they're in the care of other people," said Stiever.

When we asked her if she worries about child sex abuse, Stiever said she felt like it didn't really apply to her. It's a common answer from parents who don't like talking about a sometimes uncomfortable subject.

Stiever decided to give Parenting Safe Children a try. It's a seminar to help parents start that conversation with their kids.

"It sounded really scary to me," said Stiever.

"No-one's allowed to touch your private parts and they don't touch other people's," said Feather Berkower, a child sex abuse prevention educator.

Berkower has made it her mission to help parents like Stiever. She gives them tools to help give kids a voice.

"I think the generation before us just didn't talk about it," said Stiever.

Stiever is breaking that cycle by starting that conversation with her son Bodie.

"I'm the boss of my body," said Bodie. "No-one touch my private parts."

Those are some of the body safety rules Stiever has posted on their kitchen wall to remind her kids not to keep secrets and they can say No, even to adults.

"They need to know there are exceptions to that rule. They are allowed to say no if someone breaks their rule," Stiever said.

"Just teach them you're the boss of your body and that's not scary to a child, that's empowering," said Berkower.

You can learn more about Parenting Safe Children seminars.


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