Officer's Wife Indicted On Charges Of Faking Cancer

Ann Crall Accepted $60,000 In Donations

A Highlands Ranch woman married to a Lakewood police officer has been indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury on suspicion of faking cancer and accepting almost $60,000 in donations.

Ann Crall was indicted on six counts of theft, one count of charitable fraud and one count of forgery. The indictment was handed down on Monday, and Crall was arrested on Tuesday.

"We were shocked because we fully believed and had seen her at times when she appeared to be quite ill," said Kathy Walters, who lives down the street from Crall. "We had no reason to doubt, so it was pretty shocking."

Crall began telling people that she was diagnosed with cancer in fall 2005 and that she was beginning treatment, according to the indictment.

Over the next four years, friends, neighbors, church members and many of her husband's coworkers in the Lakewood Police Department -- as well as officers in other law enforcement agencies -- gave her money, time and food to help her family. Neighbors took care of her kids, raised money and even put together a team for Lance Armstrong's Livestrong cancer fundraising event, said one donor, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Her MySpace page shows friends involved in the Livestrong Challenge wearing "Run, Ride, Walk, and Crall" T-shirts.

Court records show that many friends and coworkers made regular bimonthly donations, which were deposited directly into the family’s bank account.

However, there is no evidence she ever had cancer, the grand jury determined.

"I am in disbelief," said Lynne Bowers. "At first, I was really sad and stunned and now I am starting to get angry because my mom has had cancer. (My mom) is on her third different kind; so lying about having cancer, that is not OK."

According to the indictment, between January 2006 and December 2008 there were many fundraising efforts on the family's behalf, with proceeds deposited directly into the Cralls' bank account. More than 1,000 donations were made to assist the Crall family during this time.

In January 2009, the Lakewood Employees Assistance Foundation became concerned that Crall might not actually have cancer and requested documentation. Crall is accused of forging a document from the Colorado Rocky Mountain Cancer Clinic saying that she had been treated for cancer.

"It would be unfortunate if someone were to take funds that should have been utilized to support cancer patients in our community. Ann Crall received no financial assistance from Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers," said spokesman Aaron Groote.

"She never asked me for money," said Bowers. "She never asked me for anything other than pain pills. She called me on two occasions and asked me for pain pills."

Bowers isn't alone. Several neighbors said Crall had called and asked for pain medication over the years. According to the indictment it's believed Crall did not admit the cancer was fake in order to afford her drug habit.

"At one point she asked my wife if she had vicadin," said Wes Christiansen. "We were kind of thrown back by that."

While the news came as a shock, some neighbors were not going to turn their backs on the Crall family.

"It is sad for Ann," said Walters. "She is a delightful lady and I think people need to realize, right or wrong she is sick. If she fell and broke her leg we would pick her up and fix it, I think she needs to be picked up and fixed."

Walters and her husband Doug said they will continue to support the Crall family and help them through this difficult time.

Crall was arrested in Douglas County on Tuesday. She is still behind bars, held on $25,000 bond.

Crall's husband, Richard Crall, works as an officer with Lakewood's neighborhood police program. It's not clear yet if he will face any charges or even if he knew of the alleged scam.

Ann Crall has a lengthy criminal history, with 24 charges of obtaining or possessing drugs, according to court records. She has been arrested in 2008 and 2009 in connection with fraud, counterfeiting, and obtaining a controlled substance via fraud. On May 11, she was charged with seven counts of possessing, distributing and manufacturing drugs.