Nov. 4, 2007: Programmer Gets Computers In Kids' Hands

Rose Keating Founded Tech For All

Computers are essential these days, especially in school. But if a family can’t afford a computer, they can always turn to this week’s 7Everyday Hero, Rose Keating. 

Rose is determined to provide a computer to anyone who can’t afford one through  Tech For All. It is a non-profit that takes old computers, cleans up the hard drives, and gives them away. 

Rose is a computer programmer who founded Tech For All in 1999 when she gave her old computer to some kids who didn’t have one. She manages to work full time and still volunteer at Tech For All every Friday and Saturday. She said it’s important because computers have become as fundamental as a pencil in school.

 But Rose can’t do it alone. 

The Gamel Family, owners of Art Craft Sign Company, donate the space. And volunteers with the Nostalgia Group, a day program for adults with developmental challenges, help sort through all those donated computers.   

Rose is always looking for more volunteers because she won’t rest until those who can’t afford a computer get one. Her personal goal is to give away 365 computers this year.

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