Emilie Parker's father remembers girl lost in Sandy Hook shooting as loving and creative

Robbie Parker: "I'm not mad"

NEWTOWN, Conn. - The father of a 6-year-old girl killed in the Connecticut elementary school shooting says his pain is deep, but he is not mad.

Robbie Parker said he is comforted by the memory of how bright, loving and creative his daughter was. He said Emilie was artistic and was always quick to draw a picture or make a card for friends.

He says the world is a better place because Emilie was in it.

Parker says, "She was beautiful. She was blond. She was always smiling."

The 30-year-old father said he'd been teaching his daughter Portuguese, and they had their last conversation in that language as he was headed to work.

"She told me, 'good morning' and asked how I was doing, and I said that I was doing well. She said that she loved me and I gave her a kiss, then I was out the door," he recounted.

Parker was among the first parents to speak about the loss of one of the 20 children who died in Friday's shootings in Newtown. He struggled to collect his breath at first, much less to speak. He says he's not mad and expressed sympathy for the shooter's family. He also urged everyone affected by the shooting to reach out for whatever help they need.

"I'm not mad, because I have my agency to make sure that I use this event to do what I can to do whatever I can. I want to make sure that my family, my wife and my daughters, are taken care of. And that, if there is anything I can do to help anybody at any time anywhere, I'd be willing to do that," he said.

The 20 children and six adults killed inside the school were identified Saturday afternoon by Connecticut State Police and the state medical examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver. Each of the victims, the doctor revealed, were shot multiple times.

Carver said, "This probably is the worst I've seen or the worst I know of any of my colleagues having seen."

According to ABC, the shooter was armed with at least 2 handguns in addition to the rifle. The network is identifying the shooter as Adam Lanza, 20, but Connecticut State Police have not officially confirmed that identification.

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