Castle Rock mother spearheads effort to send handmade gifts to Newtown

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - A Castle Rock mother wanted to send fifteen handmade blankets to Connecticut to show her solidarity after the school shooting. By the time she was finished, however, the shipment was nearly seven times bigger.

Jennifer Minor, the mother of four, said the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School hit close to home.

She said she felt "horror and sadness for the sweet children and the sweet spirits that we lost that day."

She decided she had to do something, and decided to set herself the goal of making and shipping fifteen fleece blankets. She told a few friends to meet at Lost Coffee to work on the project, but word spread and enough volunteers showed up to fill the cafe.

"People were overflowing into all of the rooms and blankets were all over the floors," said Scott Gaerte, co-owner of Lost Coffee.

"People came from everywhere," Minor said.

"They had a goal of making 15 blankets. I don't know if she told you, but they made 99," Gaerte said.

The blankets are now in Minor's basement, ready to ship to a church in Connecticut who will handle distributing them to victims and first responders. They've nicknamed them "blessing blankets."

"It provides love from our little town of Castle Rock to their little town," she said.

Anyone who'd like to help with shipping costs can make a donation at one of the Lost Coffee locations in Castle Rock.

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