Still no sign of Dylan Redwine, 13. after search expands to nearby reservoir

Vallecito Reservoir searched by divers

BAYFIELD, Colo. - Volunteers on Sunday were searching three more areas, including a reservoir for a missing teenager.

Dylan Redwine, 13, disappeared last Monday from his father's home in Vallecito, near Durango during a court-ordered visit.

Trained cadaver dogs from La Plata Search and Rescue alerted on unidentified scent sources in Vallecito Lake  Saturday and again Sunday morning.  Seven divers from New Mexico State Police searched  the south end of  the lake Sunday to determine what the dogs may have been alerting on.  Nothing had been found, and divers were to continue the search on Monday.

At the request of the dive team, two boats equipped with sonar will survey the area Monday.  The divers will then be able to maximize their limited time by only searching where blips appear on  sonar.  Members of La Plata Search and Rescue will also continue to search portions of the shoreline that is several miles in length.  

La Plata Sheriff’s Office Investigators met Sunday morning with local representatives of the FBI to share information and resources as they continue to develop leads on where Dylan may be.  Scenarios ranging from abduction to runaway are being examined. 

"We know some people  are upset that we are even considering the possibility that Dylan may have run away.  But, we are working for Dylan  and we owe it to him and to his family to consider every possible scenario that could have caused him to drop out of sight for a week.  To disregard any potential circumstance could cause us to overlook a possible clue that will lead us to Dylan," said Dan Bender, PIO for La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

About 30 members of the ad hoc group who met on the  Find Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook page searched in the areas of Forest Lakes, County Road 502 and County Road 501 from Bayfield to Vallecito.

Dylan had been at his father's house in Vallecito, about 22 miles northeast of Durango, Colorado, for one day when he disappeared. Sixth Judicial District Judge David Dickinson had issued a court order granting his father visitation rights during the Thanksgiving holiday, sheriff's officials said. Dylan’s parents divorced in 2007.

Dylan and his mother Elaine and brother Cory moved to Colorado Springs last summer, but they are originally from the Bayfield area, about 25 miles from where Dylan went missing.

Five investigators from La Plata Sheriff’s Office are assigned to the case.  Deputies and officers from other law enforcement agencies said they are responding to any report of a young person resembling Dylan.

Dylan’s father told investigators Dylan was at his house on County Road 500 when he left to do some errands at about 7:30 Monday morning.  Mark Redwine said Dylan was gone when he returned to the house at about 11:30 a.m.

Mark reported Dylan as missing a little before 5 p.m. Monday after he was unable to find him during the afternoon.  

Dylan's friends in Bayfield told The Durango Herald that Dylan was supposed to meet them Sunday night but changed that to Monday morning. They told the newspaper they think Dylan hitchhiked to meet them and then was abducted.

Dylan is described as 5 feet tall, 105 pounds, blond hair,  blue eyes and fair complexion. He was last seen wearing a black Nike shirt, black basketball nylon shorts, black Jordan tennis shoes and a two-tone blue and white Duke Blue Devils baseball hat.  He may have a black backpack with him. His may have also taken his cell phone and charger with him.

A postal worker who knows Dylan reported possibly seeing him walking along County Road 501 in Vallecito Monday afternoon with another boy about the same age.  Both had backpacks.  

Investigators have not been able to determine who the two boys were that the postal worker saw.  Both boys were said to be wearing hoodies and dark backpacks.  The sheriff’s office is asking anyone who may fit that description and who was in that area around 2 p.m. last Monday, to contact La Plata Sheriff’s Investigator Tonya Golbricht at 970-382-7019. Whoever it may have been is not in trouble.  Investigators just want to determine if it was Dylan the postal worker saw or if it was two other boys.

Dylan’s mother, Eliane, and his older brother, Cory drove to Durango when he was first reported missing and remain in the area.  Both parents are cooperating with investigators. 

Elaine insisted earlier her son is not a runaway.

“Dylan wouldn’t have left willingly,” Eliane Redwine told the Durango Herald on Friday afternoon. “If there was any way to communicate he would have called.”

Letter from Dylan's mother

Elaine posted a letter to Dylan on Facebook that said:

Dear Dylan

I don't know if you can see this and I know your not a big reader so I will keep this short. We are all in Durango looking for you.

I AM HERE and I will never give up looking for you. You are my ray of sunshine and the best kid a mother could ever have. I miss your laugh and your smile so much. We will find you and bring you home with us!

We all love you so much son and hope you are safe. You are the glue in our family so come home and stick us back together! your mother!

We love and miss you immensely and will never stop searching for you. Don't give up on us son we will NEVER give up on you.

Love Your Mommy.
and Big Brother and Mike!

Anyone who may have information on Dylan’s whereabouts is asked to contact La Plata County Sheriff’s Office Investigators Dan Patterson 970-382-7015 or Tom Cowing  970-382-7045.

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