Couple poses as potential animal adopters, steals American Bulldog

MaxFund employees say couple took dog from shelter

DENVER - Employees at MaxFund Animal Adoption Center said a couple asked to take a dog for a walk, leaving their photo identification and bike, but never returned.

Around 1 p.m. Sunday, a man and woman came into the shelter at 1025 Galapago Street. Employee Erica Jenkins said they spent 30 minutes going through a book of adoptable dogs and finally asked to see a female American Bulldog by the name of Louie.

"They asked if they could take Louie on a walk, we did take their ID, they said they didn't have any [car] keys, they rode up on their bike, so they left their bike," Jenkins said. "After quite some time, I thought it was strange they hadn't returned so we went to call the phone number they had left on the sign-in sheet and it was a bogus phone number."

MaxFund contacted Denver Police Department along with 7NEWS. A spokesperson for the department told 7NEWS they passed the case along to investigators but said they were not considering it a theft as of now.

Employees kept the purple mountain bike along with the photo ID at the shelter until police arrived. 7NEWS obtained a copy of the ID but has chosen not to show it because police have not identified the woman as a suspect.

Meanwhile, workers are worried about Louie's health because she suffers from gastro-intestinal issues and requires medicine three times a day.

"If she does not get her medication, we're just in fear that she's not going to be okay," Jenkins said.

Jenkins is concerned Louie, who loves to play with tennis balls has been stolen for dog-fighting purposes.

"Some people look at dogs like her, American bulldogs to use under fighting circumstances," she said. "I  just want her to be okay and be returned to us safely because she's a sweetheart. She deserves a good home and a loving home, and I'm just scared because I don't know where she's at."

Louie is a female, white and tan American Bulldog mix. She is almost four years old and was last wearing a pink halter with a dog tag that reads 'Louisa.' She is micro-chipped to MaxFund Animal Adoption Center. If you have any information about Louie call 720-413-1751 or 520-591-6042.



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