Police end four-hour armed standoff at Denver motel, using tear gas to force suspect's surrender

Police: Suspect fled burglary in Englewood

DENVER - A four-hour police standoff with an armed burglary suspect at a Denver motel ended peacefully late Tuesday night when SWAT officers used tear gas to flush the man out of a room.

At 11:15 p.m., the man walked out of the room at the Budget Host Inn and SWAT officers took him into custody at gunpoint, 7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen reported from the scene.

The suspect was later identified as 31-year-old Omar Dwaik.

Dwaik had allegedly barricaded himself about 7 p.m. at the motel at 2747 Wyandot St. in the Highlands area, just west of Interstate 25, Denver police spokesman Detective John White said.

A witness told 7NEWS the gunman broke into a motel room by smashing windows with his fist. Blood covered the window curtains.

"His pupils were dilated and he was screaming. He's on something," said James Gerathy.

The standoff forced the closure of the on-and-off ramps from southbound I-25 to Speer Boulevard for several hours.

Several guests voluntarily evacuated the motel.

Denver police warned people via Twitter to avoid the area.

White said the incident began with an "in progress"  burglary in the city of  Englewood a few hours earlier.

Police said Dwaik was burglarizing a home when he surprised the victim. The victim said Dwaik threatened him with a gun and held him captive for about 90 minutes. The victim also told police that Dwaik fired a shot in the apartment and locked him inside a room.

Police said Dwaik left the apartment in a taxi and went to the hotel, where officers followed and he barricaded himself inside.

Police negotiators were trying to communicate with the man, who is on an upper floor of the motel, according to police radio traffic.

SWAT officers were using a Bearcat armored vehicle.

As the drama played out, police radio traffic indicated that negotiators were trying to orchestrate the suspect's surrender.

At about 8:05 p.m., the man opened a motel room door, waved a handgun and then shut the door.

"He has a gun in his hand. He has a gun in his hand," an officer radioed. Then he said the suspect shut the door and was "hanging out the window, gun in hand."

Police told Allen they would wait and negotiate a peaceful surrender, saying, "Time is on our side."

Eventually, around 11:15 p.m.,  the standoff ended with Dwaik being flushed out by tear gas. Officers were waiting and took him into custody.

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