Aurora Police: Isabella Guzman, 18, detained for questioning about woman's slaying

Father says slaying victim is teen's mother

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora Police say they detained an Aurora teen Thursday afternoon in connection with the slaying of a woman at the suspect's family home Wednesday night.

Robert Guzman said his daughter, 18-year-old Isabella Guzman, is a suspect in the death of her mother. Police have not publicly identified the homicide victim.

Aurora Police officers detained Isabella Guzman at 2:15 p.m. at a parking garage at 2851 S. Parker Road, said Aurora Police spokesman officer Frank Fania.

While police believe they have Isabella Guzman in custody, Fania said investigators had not confirmed her identity through records as of Thursday afternoon but said they are confident it is her.

Police are questioning the teen about her mother's death. While police earlier in the day called the Isabella Guzman a suspect in the slaying, in the afternoon Fania said, "At this time, she is not formally being held for the homicide."  Just before midnight, police issued a press release that said the same thing.

Fania said they are getting different stories from those involved and are trying to sort out the facts of the case.


-- Suspected homicide evidence found at parking garage -- 

Officers detained the teen after someone called 911 about 11:30 a.m  to report a "body" inside a car in the parking garage on South Parker Road.  Arriving officers found the car, but no one was inside. "They did find items in the car, however, that led them to believe these items were related to the earlier homicide," Fania said.

Police called in undercover officers to help search the garage and "additional items were found that were believed to be involved [in the homicide] as well," Fania said.

A police K-9 team joined the search. "At one point, Guzman was seen by officers walking out of the garage. She was then detained and taken to headquarters," Fania said.

Glenn Petty, who works in a nearby office building, said his secretary drew his attention to a handler with a dog searching the parking lot outside.

Petty said he saw a man dressed like a motorcycle gang member, who turned out to be an undercover officer, walking into parking garage as a young woman walked out. Petty said the man and the woman briefly spoke and then she turned and walked away into a parking lot.

The first undercover officer followed the woman and was soon joined by two other plain clothes officers as they surrounded the young woman, who was carrying a plastic shopping bag.

"Suddenly, all three officers pulled guns" and the woman sat down next to a bush on a raised parking lot median, Petty said.

"It was very smoothly and very professionally done," Petty said. "It gave me a good feeling about the Aurora Police Department."


-- Police called to reported  'family disturbance' --

In the killing, someone called 911 to report a "family disturbance" in the 2600 block of South Lima Street just after 10 p.m., the Aurora Police Department said. That is near East Yale Avenue and South Parker Road.

When officers arrived they found a woman in "grave condition," investigators said. Medical personnel arrived a short time later but couldn't save her.

"It appears that she had at least one stab wound of some sort, but until the coroner looks at the body, examines the body and makes that official ruling, there's no way to tell for sure," Aurora Police Officer Frank Fania told 7NEWS.

"It's hard because I think it was somewhat of a pretty gruesome scene," Fania said. "Anytime you have that it is hard for the officers on scene to see where the wounds are and what they may be."


-- Family 'heartbroken' by death --

Robert Guzman spoke to 7NEWS before his daughter's arrest. He said the family is stunned by the death of his ex-wife.

"We're heartbroken. Of course we're upset over the death of my ex-wife," Robert Guzman said.

The father said he went to talk with Isabella at his ex-wife's request Wednesday night  about three hours before the killing at the home where Isabella lived with her mother.

The father indicated Isabella had been engaging in teen rebelliousness.  

"I went to talk to her because her mother was worried and wanted me to talk to Isabella," Robert Guzman said. "So, I went to talk to Isabella and we sat down in the backyard looking at the trees and the animals and I started to talk to her about the respect that people should have for their parents. And I was trying to let her know that she should be obedient to her parents, not rebellious, that she should try to listen more and everything was going fine.

"In the conversation, I thought that I made progress but obviously it didn't do nothing because hours later this thing happened," the father said.

"Isabella is a good kid, she's a good hearted," Robert Guzman said. "But I don't know what could've happened, honestly to provoke this kind of reaction."


-- Facebook photos show teen in Hello Kitty T-shirt --

If there's a murder suspect stereotype, Guzman didn't look the part.

The teen -- who goes by the nickname "Isa" -- looks like a beauty queen or model in photos on her Facebook page.

The page has a photo of a watermelon slice with the word "Love" carved into it. There's also a photo of her wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt and jeans standing in front of a rock band set from a music video she appeared in last year.

Aurora Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed this incident or has any information on this case please call Detective Mark Yacano at (303)739-6090. You can also provide information on this case and remain anonymous by calling CRIME STOPPERS at 720-913-STOP (7867). You may be eligible to earn a reward of up to $2,000.

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