Grieving mother given wrong baby's remains

LAFAYETTE, Colo. - A mother's grief is compounded by a logistical nightmare that sent her home with the wrong baby's remains.

Misty Paris, who was 4 months pregnant, miscarried in May and underwent a procedure to remove the fetus at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette.

"They told me they could cremate the baby, I could donate it to Science, or I could take it home," Paris said.

The 19-year-old told 7NEWS she decided to take the remains home so that she could have them cremated, but her nightmare started when she got there.

"They started looking at the labels and stuff and they kept telling me Misty it's not your baby," Paris said.

Her fears were confirmed by the hospital's release form. She showed 7NEWS a copy of the paperwork that shows someone else's name instead of hers. Paris had signed that form not realizing she'd been given the remains of another baby.

"My first thing is just, 'Where's my baby,'" said Paris.

The mix-up took a day to fix, but her nightmare was far from over.  Despite multiple attempts, she said the hospital never gave her the correct release form, a document that's needed in order for the mortuary to accept the remains.

We asked where the baby's remains have been for the past week.

"In the fridge, it's in a red hazard bag that they gave me," said Paris.

Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center refused an interview, giving the following statement:

"Citing HIPAA guidelines, we are unable to discuss details of any patient case.  We follow all state and local guidelines regarding the health and safety of all our patients.  In all situations, it is our goal to treat our patients with dignity and respect."

Paris said that's ironic coming from the place that just a week ago gave her another patient's information.  She said the hospital has offered to pay for a DNA test and cremation costs, but she's still waiting on the paperwork she needs to get closure.

"I want my baby to be put to bed already," Paris said. "I don’t want it to just keep sitting there."

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