New Jerry Garcia mural vandalized after Johnny Cash painted over

Artist plans to re-do it

DENVER - Is it a battle of Hippies vs. Hipsters?

Vandals defaced a Jerry Garcia wall mural in Capitol Hill, which used to feature a mural of Johnny Cash.

At the corner 13th Avenue and Grant Street, the paint-splattered mural may be a symbol of a subculture clash.

"There is change, and I guess people have to adjust to change," said Jay Bianchi, who just bought the old Benders bar.

He said the old Johnny Cash mural, a local landmark, did not represent what the venue is now: A Grateful Dead bar.

He hired tattoo artist (and fellow Deadhead) Kenneth Hughes to cover the Cash mural, transforming Johnny to make Jerry.
"Which caused a little ruckus," Bianchi said with a laugh.
Because of the negative feedback, Hughes painted over the entire mural and started from scratch.
But the new Jerry Garcia mural was vandalized the same night it was finished.
Tommy Nahulu, the artist who painted the original Johnny Cash, said murals are not meant to last forever, and he supports the new art.
"I think it's very disturbing someone would vandalize it like that," said Nahulu.
The new Quixote's True Blue opened today, and the owner said he hopes people will give them a chance.
"It's a fun place. Try it out before you deface it," said Bianchi.
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