Nerf Guns Banned On CU Campus

Fake Guns Can't Be Used In Zombie Game

While one Colorado university considers whether it should continue to allow concealed weapons, another has banned students from using Nerf guns.

Colorado State University currently allows people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns many places on campus. The University of Colorado, like most schools, doesn't.

CU says its policy also bans the use of fake guns and that that includes the Nerf guns used to play the popular college tag game known as Humans vs. Zombies. In the game, humans can freeze zombies by hitting them with a Nerf gun or balled-up socks.

"The university doesn't want to come across as a giant institutional killjoy," said CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard. "But if a student has a Nerf gun in their pocket pants or coat, and only the handle is showing, a cop or a passerby wouldn't know what it is."

Signs went up around the university this week, alerting students that Nerf guns are illegal on the campus.