Neighbors Say Boulder Shooting Suspect Was 'Crazy, Dangerous'

Police: Shooter Was Former Boulder Officer

Former neighbors of a man accused of a double-murder-suicide that shook a Boulder neighborhood this week say the shooter was a "crazy" and "dangerous" man who harassed them and even threatened to kill them several times. CALL7 Investigators have learned, the harassment was so bad, one of the neighbors was granted a restraining order.

In an interview with CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia, Megan Stinson said Phillip F. Dileo lived above her in a Superior apartment complex in 2006. Stinson said her first encounter with Dileo was when her husband Brandon Stinson went to tell Dileo they were going to host a party in their apartment to celebrate a birthday.

"He looked at me and said 'Not a problem,' " Brandon Stinson said, "If you get too loud I'll just cut a hole in the floor and pour gas down and set the apartment on fire."

The Stinson's said that was the beginning of a contentious relationship which sometimes ended with the couple calling police.

Megan Stinson said she would often invite guests to her apartment and Dileo would repeatedly turn off the power to their unit to "quiet them down."

It happened so often, Brandon Stinson said, "I just knew which box to go to and turn [the power] back on."

On another occasion Brandon was outside with a friend building a grill when "Philip opened a screen door upstairs and he was like screaming all these racial things to Brandon and his friend and he's like 'If you don't quiet down, down there, I'm going to call the cops or come down there and shoot you myself,' " Megan Stinson said.

The Stinsons also told Ferrugia that they saw Dileo climbing out from the sewer at their apartment complex, via a manhole.

Brandon said, "I come home for lunch everyday and he crawled out of the manhole like it was nothing and closed the lid and went up to his apartment."

"Now I'm wondering, if he's that mentally ill to kill himself and his family, what the heck was he doing in the manhole?" said Megan.

She said the harassment became so severe she took Dileo to court and obtained a restraining order against him in June 2006.

During the hearing, Stinson said they learned Dileo had taken numerous photos of her inside the couple's apartment through a window and recorded a conversation between Stinson and her mother who were talking outside.

Stinson said she rarely saw the other members of Dileo's family, his wife Elizabeth Schwarzenbach-Dileo and their son Phillip C. Dileo, even though Phillip F. Dileo would talk about them often.

"He just had this way about him and he was very negative all the time," Megan Stinson said.

Tuesday Boulder police said they found Dileo and his wife and their son, dead in their Boulder home. Investigators believe Dileo shot his wife and son and then turned the gun on himself.

"It's terrifying to think about it now." Brandon Stinson said about the shooting. "It's terrible he would do that to his own wife and son."

"He was able to do what he wanted, luckily not to us," Megan Stinson said.

The CALL7 Investigators confirmed there are three reports filed with the Boulder county sheriff for harassment in 2006 and two officer information reports filed in 2005 and 2006 involving neighbors.

Boulder police said they have had one contact with this family before. In 2005, Elizabeth Schwarzenbach-Dileo came to the police department to talk with an officer about the legality of purchasing a gun because her husband had made threats against her. There are indications that he previously threatened their son, as well, police said.

In addition, the police department confirmed that Philip F. Dileo worked as a Boulder police officer for a brief period of time. Employment records show he was employed from October 1972 to June 1973 and again from October 1975 to November 1975. The records indicate he was terminated as a result of multiple violations of department policy.

Philip F. Dileo has no prior criminal history in Colorado. The couple was married in 1984 and there was no record of divorce.

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