Mystery man in Maryland picks up grocery tabs for shoppers; says he was sharing his good fortune

When shoppers arrived at the Weis Markets in Havre de Grace, Md., tucked in among them was a mystery man, who would leave his mark and his money in the store.
"I was standing at my podium and he came up to me and said he'd come into some good fortune and he'd like to share it with other people,” said Kathy Moyer. “Would I mind if he just picked random people to pay for their groceries?"
Startled by such an offer, Moyer had to check with her boss first before giving the go ahead.
After all, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is." But not this time.
"He sat on a bench down there and between two cashiers, he just randomly got up and would pick somebody and pay for their groceries,” said Moyer. “And it was roughly about $1,000 that he paid and those people were so excited and thought it was the neatest thing."
Word of the kind act has spread well beyond the store restoring faith for some in their common man.
"He just wanted to share. He wanted to share what he had,” said Charolette Tennant of Havre de Grace. “And I think it's very heartwarming."
"People should be aware of that good things like this do happen,” said Ken Lathrop of Aberdeen. “It's not just fairy tales."
And in a society where it sometimes appears that more people are willing to take than to give, some people afforded free groceries also elected to pass it on.
"There are some people who turned around and said, 'Wait for the next one. They might need it more than I do,' and then when he was finished he came over and said, 'Thank you. I hit my goal,' and left," said Moyer, "I'd like to see him again.  I'd like to know who he is just to thank him again, cause he really made a lot of people very, very happy."
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