Psychiatrist assigned to reevaluate James Holmes' sanity at Colorado Mental Health Institute

Several evidentiary decisions also released

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - The identity of the second doctor assigned to evaluate the sanity of the movie theater shooting suspect will remain confidential according to a court order.

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP) selected the doctor, as ordered by District Court Judge Carlos Samour on February 19. Prosecutors requested the second evaluation, alleging the first evaluation was conducted by a psychiatrist who had an "unfair bias."

The identity of the new doctor was sent to the court in a letter on Monday. That letter and the name of the selected psychiatrist will remain confidential at the court's order, except for one sentence that was contained in a public document.

CMHIP "has identified a neutral expert to complete another sanity examination of Mr. James Holmes," the excerpt says.

Other documents recently made available in the case pertain to various requests about case evidence or testimony. Judge Samour denied motions from the defense to bar expert opinion from bomb technicians or explosive experts and a motion to bar expert testimony about forensic serological and DNA analysis.

The judge granted three motions from the prosecution requesting limitations in the evidence that the defense could present at a capital sentencing hearing, if the case gets to that point. The orders will prevent the defense team from presenting evidence related to "residual doubt," prison conditions or from other murder cases.

Another new document orders the jury in a potential capital sentencing hearing would not be allowed to tour Colorado prisons or the execution chamber unless the prosecution introduces evidence that "opens the door to evidence of prison conditions."

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