No wrongdoing found in review of Sonic Bloom Music Festival Taser incident involving naked man

GEORGETOWN, Colo. - After weeks of review, the Sheriff of Clear Creek County reports no policies were violated in the repeated use of a stun gun on a naked man at the Sonic Bloom Music Festival in Georgetown.

Sheriff Don Krueger announced Tuesday that the June 16 incident was the subject of an administrative review.

"Based on the totality of information obtained, witness statements, and evidence, we do not find reason to believe excessive force was used or that our policy on use of the Taser was violated," the sheriff wrote.

The incident was recorded in a cell phone video and posted to YouTube by Michael Kroog. It showed the naked man lying in a ditch while authorities shocked him with stun guns repeatedly. Several upset witnesses circled around, screaming at the deputies. They can be heard yelling phrases like "Why?," "How can you sleep at night," and "That causes brain aneurysms."

In his announcement Tuesday, Krueger said his deputies worked within the rules to "gain compliance prior to deploying the Taser."

He continued, saying that "use of the Taser fell well within our policy guidelines."

There was no update in Krueger's letter about the possibility of charges against the naked man.

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