Ex-banker gets 5 years in community corrections for stealing $275,795 from Black Hawk credit union

Authorities believe woman gambled money at casinos

BLACK HAWK - A former bank officer has been sentenced to five years in community corrections for stealing nearly $276,000 from a Black Hawk credit union and investigators believe she gambled away some of the money at local casinos.

Along with being sentenced to community corrections, Autumn Rene Guillot, 31, was also ordered to pay $275,795 in restitution during a Friday hearing in Gilpin County Court, said Pam Russell, spokeswoman for the First Judicial District Attorney's Office. She was remanded into custody pending available housing at a community corrections facility.

The theft occurred in 2011, while Guillot worked as assistant manager at the Black Hawk branch of Credit Union of the Rockies, Russell said. She was one of two full-time employees at the small branch.

Bank officials became suspicious and contacted Black Hawk Police in November 2011 when an unannounced "spot" audit uncovered discrepancies in the general ledger maintained by Guillot. Deposits listed in the branch’s general ledger had not been received by the clearinghouse.

Guillot pleaded guilty to felony theft of more than $20,000 on March 4, according to court records.

Prosecutors had sought a prison time at the sentencing hearing, saying Guillot stole money from the vault, a little at a time, throughout 2011. She altered the ledger each time.

Prosecutors told the court that Guillot was a regular gambler at Gilpin County casinos in 2011.  It is not known exactly how she spent the money, but investigators found that she had lost more than $73,000 while gambling and believe some of stolen money was used on gambling.

Guillot asked for leniency during sentencing, saying that her young son needed her, in spite of evidence that she often left the boy at home while she went to the casinos to gamble, Russell said.

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