Man Accused Of Stealing 1,300 Women's Undergarments

Stolen Underwear Totals $6,000, Fort Collins Police Say

Fort Collins police arrested a man on Tuesday in connection with the theft of more than 1,300 women's undergarments over an eight-month period.

Police said 43-year-old Chih Hsien Wu stole women's underwear from apartment complex common laundry rooms, mostly in the Campus West area of Fort Collins.

The underwear thefts occurred between Sept. 23, 2006, and May 18, 2007, totaling more than $6,000, Fort Collins police said.

Wu was arrested at his home in the 1000 block of Wabash Street and was booked on felony theft charges.

Anyone who had their undergarments stolen in the Campus West area will have the opportunity on Friday to come to the Fort Collins Police Services and identify their items between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The stolen items include all types of undergarments including panties, sports bras, stretch pants and panty hose, police said.

Anyone with additional information about the underwear thefts can contact Detective Keith Maynard at 970-416-2051.

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