Yellow Labrador retriever shot in head, thrown in canal in Montrose County, crawls out, survives

MONTROSE, Colo. - The Montrose County sheriff is looking for whoever shot a dog in the head and threw her in a canal, left for dead.

A woman found the yellow Labrador retriever crawling out of the canal on Tuesday,  the sheriff's office said.

"She was in shock. She was a real sweet dog, even in the midst of that," sheriff's animal control officer Charles Long told the Montrose Daily Press.

Long told the newspaper that the mother dog was shot with a small caliber weapon in the top of her head behind her left eye. The bullet passed through the yellow Lab cleanly, exiting below her jaw.

The dog was taken to the veterinarian’s office and was kept overnight for observation. She survived without loss to her vision or other impairments, said Montrose County spokeswoman Katie Yergensen.

Yergensen said the dog was happily reunited with her owners on Wednesday. The owners noted that their 2-year-old dog, Bella, ran away on Sunday and had been missing for three days.

Sheriff Rick Dunlap said he wants to find the person who committed such a violent act on the animal.

"If anyone knows who did this, I want to prosecute. Talk about animal cruelty," Dunlap told the paper.

The canal where the dog was found is at Olathe near Amber and 60.00 Roads.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call 970-252-4023.  

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