Wyatt's Towing credit card receipts printed a Conifer man's cell phone number until 7NEWS helped out

DENVER - For a year-and-a-half, a Conifer man has received towing-related calls on his cell phone, except the man doesn't work for a towing company.

Jim Drake has tried to fix the problem with Wyatt's Towing, but didn't get it resolved until 7NEWS stepped in.

"I've called them three or four times. I called them when it first initially happened," said Drake.

He's received dozens of calls, some more nasty than others, regarding cars towed by Wyatt's Towing. One driver who contacted Drake ended up sending him the proof he needed to realize the problem.

The phone number on the credit card receipt from Wyatt's Towing is his cell phone number.

"I just usually get calls in the middle of when I'm trying to conduct business," said Drake. "I don't want people calling me up."

He said he's tried calling Wyatt's at least four times since the calls started.

"I've been hung up on. I've been blown off," said Drake. "I said, 'Well, I was really trying to avoid calling Channel 7,' and she goes, 'Don't threaten me,' click."

Drake called 7NEWS and we agreed to meet him at Wyatt's Towing to see why the tow company was not fixing the issue.

"Hey, I'm the guy who keeps calling who has the phone number on your receipts," Drake said to the clerk. "I have proof, (a driver who was towed) sent me a thing with my phone number on it and you guys said that my phone number wasn't on anything."

The clerk printed out a sample receipt from a credit card machine which had the phone number for Lone Star Towing across the top. Wyatt's and Lone Star Towing do business from the same location.

The clerk then printed a sample receipt from a second credit card machine which had Drake's phone number printed across the top.

"So that's it, huh?" said the clerk.

"That's my phone number. That's my cell phone number," said Drake.

The clerk had him wait while she went to get the owner.

"Every time I try and call them on it, they hang up on me or get really rude," said Drake. "I guess it takes me coming down face-to-face for them to take me seriously."

The owner came to window five minutes later.

"First, let me start by apologizing," said Wyatt's Towing owner Troy Porras. "People call us with all kinds of craziness, so I apologize for that."

Porras told Drake that the phone number on the credit card receipt was one digit off of his own cell phone number.

"I was just getting tired of getting my ass chewed," said Drake.

"I totally understand that and again, I can't do anything more than apologize. I mean, really it's just a bad, horrible coincidence and you've been very patient, so I apologize for that," said Porras.

Porras said that he would contact the credit card processing company and have the phone number removed, until then he promised to black out the number each time it appears on the printout.

"This is great that it's being fixed, but why did it take a year-and-a-half of a few phone calls to you guys and then he has to show up in person for this to be fixed," asked 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger.

"The answer is, it never got to anybody who could do anything about it," said Porras.

Porras even offered to pay for Drake's gas to and from Conifer, but Drake just asked for his phone number removed.

"They were really cordial today, I will admit," said Drake. "As long as he just gets my number off and treats people a little better when they answer the phone, I'd be good."

"Should it have taken you and me to show up at the window?" asked Zelinger.

"No. No, but it's amazing when you rattle somebody's cage how polite they get," said Drake.

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